Since its beginnings in 1946, SILVANA SWISS ORIGIN had, as its main objective to be leader in terms of excellence in the Argentinian stockings market. In order to achieve this goal, it received the contribution of creative and industrious Swiss entrepreneurs, thus justifying and validating the now well-know motto "Swiss Origin". The company began manufacturing fine stockings with imported silk yarns. These expensive yarns were gradually substituted by artificial fibres and afterwards for 100% synthetic fibres (polyamide: perlon, nylon and dralon).

SILVANA distinguished itself as a pioneer in the handling of new torsion nylon which improved the product elasticity and optimised its use.

During 1960, a new technology based on circular looms emerged worldwide, eventually replacing the traditional plain looms, making thus possible the production of seamless stocking and also tights or panty-hoses.
It was a radical change. A whole new spectrum of products was made possible. SILVANA began to go up in the market because of weave of its fabric and countless yarns blended, to constitute the "secret formula" which enhances legs aesthetic. All this lead to the creation of products that stand out for their sight and touch and for their perfect fit, making hosiery beautiful and health-concerned for women's legs.

strong>SILVANA was ahead of Japanese and Italian producers in launching its "perfumed stocking". Furthermore, it was first one to propose a special "fresh" product for summertime. Among other innovations that followed, were the one-size-reducing hosiery, the non-slip socks and the original antistatic stockings that allowed the clothes to slide over.

In addition, SILVANA used its own technology for the manufacture of a new line of products: shirts, knickers, girdles, underpants, reducer body-shapers, sport tops, pants and "shape design" skirts, as well as a medical line products, men stocks and stockings and children products.

SILVANA it is the leading company in its field in Argentina. It is exclusively present at the most important events, proposing -for each season- a broad collection to show its efforts to make women beautiful and specially to express how much it cares for them. SILVANA has been the recipient of numerous awards, including "Lycra Distinction for Excellence" and "Seal of Good Design".

More than 65 years old, SILVANA SWISS ORIGIN is a singular example of continuity in Argentinian's textile field. It instills the culture of well done work: quality, constancy, responsibility toward clients and costumers and promoting, at the same time, technical and artistic creativity in the textile area in the improvement of locally produced yarns.